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Taverners LOVE Greggs

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Our post of the month has to be The Greggs pasty post. Lorraine only asked what everyones preference was and it exploded. We gave Kim Kardashians rear a run for its money in breaking the internet. So think about this, we have just under 41,000 members. The post reached over 59,000 people. Madness but loads of fun. We are declaring the cheese and onion the winner although it's sparked a passion in Neil for Corned Beef returning!!! We can see a campaign coming on.

So we plodded through November, we got each other through. It's been tough for many but you guys did what you did best. You came together as a community and looked after your own. We saw a rise in the number of posts asking for support (and we encourage this, no one should ever feel alone in this world) and true Tavern style the virtual hugs were a plenty. As much as it's amazing to read the funny posts we can’t tell you how proud it makes us when we see outpourings of support for each other. We have had many birthdays, a few new babies, many new pets posts and even a wedding announcement (which is just amazing).

Lots of exciting things to come in December, so be sure to subscribe to be amongst the first to know ;-)

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