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Global Wellness Day! 🌎

Global Wellness Day aims to make people aware of the value of their lives, encourage them to stop and think, and to find peace within themselves.

This year’s event theme is ‘Magenta Nature’.

‘Magenta Nature’ symbolises a reconnection with nature, embracing the power of being in harmony with the elements around them.

The annual event invites people of all ages to connect and live together in unity with nature.

The event encapsulates the four pillars of the Magenta Nature philosophy to outline a transformative action plan.

1: Eat Natural

Make a conscious effort to sustain yourselves with natural, wholesome foods. Make every meal a feast, by using the gifts nature provides. Using as much organic and free range produce where possible.

2: Be in nature

Enjoying the outdoors and allowing yourselves to connect with the natural world.

Whether that be a forest, a park or a quiet corner of the garden. Allow yourself to be completely relaxed and surrounded by nature, letting it become the backdrop to your daily life.

3: Protect nature

Making changes to reduce your ecological footprint, embrace sustainable practices and contribute to the planet’s wellbeing.

4: Be in nature (spiritual)

Spending time immersing yourselves in nature, quietly observing the natural world and enjoying moments of stillness in a natural setting, while letting your senses connect with the natural environment.

Enjoy nature and everything it has to offer. 🌲🪵🍄🌷🌻

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