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Our Story

In the midst of all the pandemic madness of 2020, an online community was created on Facebook called The Virtual Village, where people could find information, fun and expertise in lots of different areas!​

.....and what does every village have?.........A Pub! 

So, on March 19th 2020, The Virtual Tavern was born. A safe space for people to escape their everyday woes, meet like minded people and have some fun. 

Lots of people had felt the impact of lockdown, were feeling lonely, vulnerable and struggling with their Mental Health, and whilst no one could meet in person, The Virtual Tavern created a platform for people struggling to reach out and talk, make new friends and share a few giggles.

Our ethos is all about being kind and focussing on fun and positivity and so there are a few ground rules in the Main Tavern: no religion, football/sport, politics or Covid and certainly no swearing as the language is strictly PG. 

NEW Single Lounge Beermat.png

Next came The Virtual Tavern Singles Lounge, created on March 31st 2020. Not an official dating site, but a space for 'Singles to Mingle', to make friend and perhaps find their perfect tavern match.​

August 30th 2020 saw the launch of The Virtual Tavern Rainbow Room, a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and friends. A place to hang out and meet like minded people and have a fabulous time. 

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The Virtual Tavern Sports Bar was born on September 26th 2020. A place to champion your sport, discuss wins and losses and just have a good old time. 

September 27th 2020 saw the start of our newest project, which is still very much in it's prime. The Virtual Tavern Student Union Bar was created to help Students come together during the uncertain times to help them feel less isolated.

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Let's meet the Team

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