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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Christmas can be a lonely time for a lot of people for various reasons. One of our regular Taverners Sante Patronario contacted us to see if we could arrange to send some Christmas Cards to Tavern members, on his behalf. We did something similar to this on Valentine's day to show people that someone cared, and it was a success.

Sante has therefore sent us a list of 70 members he would like to send a card to. Our amazing Landlord Neil works in the Greeting Card Industry and has kindly offered to Donate the Christmas Cards required. 100% of any profits (after postage and site fees) will be donated to a worthwhile cause close to Sante's heart.

One of his work colleagues has recently been diagnosed with a very aggressive brain cancer and has been given just 3 months to live. Sante and his colleagues are raising money to try and help the family have a better Christmas at this difficult time.

If you would like to get involved, you can purchase a Good Deed Christmas Card on our website. The Tavern team will write them out on your behalf and post them out. The cost per card is £2.50 including postage (UK only as we have probably missed the deadline for overseas).

You can send cards to people you know and supply their names and addresses. Or you can simply pay it forward and pay for a card(s) and choose RANDOM in the order note. We will then choose a Tavern member to send a card to (there was a reason we recently asked who people will be spending Christmas with, wink wink!).

As always at The Tavern, we like to give back so thought this was a nice way to share the love at Christmas whilst also helping a family who will be going through a very difficult time this year.

Thanks in advance to anyone who gets involved.

Here is the the link to purchase a card:-

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