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Our Little Community is Growing

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Who would of thought it when all this started, that our little Virtual Tavern would end up with just short of 39,000 members (still can't seem to get to 40k lol). As we have expanding we have always tried to listen to our members and react to the current climate, with our quizes, bingo etc.

Quite quickly into our journey we realised that there are a lot of single people out there who would love to chat to other single people and not feel so alone. And thus the Single lounge was born. We have just rebranded the logo to keep everything under the Vitual Tavern umberella, hope you like it. Also you can click on the any of the logos in this blog post to take you to the relevant facebook group to join.

One of the rules in the main Tavern has been no football. This is because like religion and politics, its a very devicive subject that can cause a lot of arguements and become heated very quickly. We recognised, however, as the football season started without it would be quite remiss of us not to allow members to interact with each other over that nights game etc. And so the Sports Bar was born.

At the same time as setting up the sports bar (we like to multi-task) we thought it would be nice to create a space for all our LGBTQ+ members and friends of. We can't keep up with all the letters that keep being added to the name of this community so as the rainbow flag is synonimous with LGBTQ etc we named our "Gay Club" The Rainbow Room.

Shortly after launching the Rainbow Room the government announced that Students at University had to quarentine and go into lockdown to avoid the spread of Covid 19. This seems like its going to be a really tough time for students who wil be away form their families and maybe their first year at Uni. Not only will they miss out on freshers week but will also have their education discrupted. So we launched the Student Uni Bar in the hope that this could be a space to bring students together during this madness. Hopefully it will become for students what the main tavern is for 39,000 members.

Even though the Main Tavern has remained at around the 39,000 mark we recognise that there has also beena lot of new people join, to take the place of people who may have left as they have gone back to work etc and not longer feel they need us. :-( So yesterday we asked people to introduce themselves and were amazed at how many new people there were. We were flooded with selfies and people being welcomed to the group. Some people took this as the Tavern turning into a dating site. It's no different than a regular pub. you wouldn't walk into a new pub and just at someones table and join in their conversation. Most people would introduce themsleves first and then once they had made contact with a few people they would feel more confident interacting. The tavern is no different. For some people it might take a lot of courage to do their first post, so an introduction when everyone else is doing the same is any easy first post.

So please remember that there are lots of people on their own who are not necessarily looking to date, they just want to make new friends. As always if you see posts in the tavern thats aren't your thing, just scroll past. There is plenty of content for everyone, so please remember our motto, Be Kind and if you can't be kind, just be quiet ;-)

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