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Our first Silent Disco.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

To get around the issue with Facebook cutting off our live music feeds, we have teamed up with SW20 Radio Station. They are going to host our first SILENT DISCO in the Virtual Tavern page where NO MUSIC will be played so the facebook police cant detect it.

You will be able to submit your comments and request in the tavern page and listen to the music in one of the following ways.

The SW20 App - which you can download for FREE from your app stores/play store web link and click LISTEN LIVE NOW (and then come back to the page to interact with the DJ and submit your requests).

You can also ask your Alexa to "ENABLE SW20 RADIO" This will play the Disco thorugh your Alexa while you interact in the Tavern.

Hope to see you all there as the sound quality should be awesome.

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