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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Its Fancy Dress Friday so see what you've got lying around. PRIZE for the best outfit.

We are doing a LIVE Karaoke Night.

We need you to send in your video of you singing Karaoke so we can featrure some on the night but we also want LIVE Singers to appear on a live link up.

You must have the music and words your end and have a camera so we can see you singing LIVE.

Message Neil or Lorraine and we will tell you how to send us your videos. If you want to sing LIVE please also get in touch. There are over 14,000 members in the Tavern so we need to pick some in advance as we wont be able to keep up with messages but will try a few extra ones on the night too.

Straight after Karaoke we will have DJ Rix the Mix with all your favourite tunes.

If you re not already in the Virtual Tavern head over to the link below to join our Virtual Village then join the Tavern from there. Fingers crossed it all works lol.

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