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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Can we just remind customers that although it is now possible to hug, that does not necessarily mean everybody wants to. Please can you ask permission before throwing your arms around someone?

We have had a few awkward situations and complaints of unsolicited hugs from strangers.

Ladies Rugby Captain, Full-Back Fran does have a tendency to do more of a headlock than a hug, she has been warned, but it's best to give her a swerve.

Benidrom Betty, please remember you are in your mobility scooter so parking on someone's foot so they can't escape does not really mean they are a willing participant.

Dodgy Dave, If you hug someone and their arms are by their side, this means the other person is not reciprocating and it's best to let them go.

Six Foot Sally, please take into consideration the height difference when going in for a hug. I witnessed a very awkward hug this afternoon and a rather short gentleman who didn't know where to put his face.

Creepy Kev, a hug lasting more than a fleeting moment, is more of a grope and could leave you open to legal action, so please keep an eye on your timing.

And finally, please don't hug people coming back from the bar with any of the following:-

Trays of drinks Hot Food Small children Sharp scissors A tray of eggs Fragile vases with sentimental value Hot Drinks Anyone wearing a bikini top Creepy Kev

Thanks for your cooperation.

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