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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Unfortunately, we have been left with no choice but to switch off the outside sockets in the beer garden. We were more than happy for people to use our electricity to charge their mobile phones but it has got beyond a joke.

Benidorm Betty started bringing her iPad, the kid's ipads, Her Gtech Air ram Batteries and her rechargeable toothbrushes to charge up.

Cakeshop Cath (back from her witness protection program) had half a dozen bread makers plugged in by the flower beds and was churning out more loaves than Hovis!

Shivering Sheila (She's NEVER warm even with the fire on) brought her own industrial electric heater cos "she doesn't like wearing a cardi". The Electric meter was spinning round that fast there was steam coming off it.

The final straw came when we noticed that Make-up Mary had a full bank or acrylic nail lamps plugged in and was running her nail salon from behind the BBQ area.

Some people !!!

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