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👔🦺 Happy Father's Day 👔🦺

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Father’s Day in the UK and Ireland takes place on Sunday, June 19 2022.

Not many people can say

they have a true friend

Someone that stands by your side

and shows devotion with no end

The person that encourages you

to reach for your dreams and goals

The one that understands the hardships

hidden deep within your soul

That person that stays up at night

When you need a listening ear

The only person in the world

that knows your deepest fear

That shoulder that you cry on

When life doesn't go according to plan

They help you dust yourself off

and muscle the strength to stand

That person you can count on

When times are good and bad

Someone you're blessed with...

I call mine Dad!

Wishing all Father's, Stepfather's, Grandfather's, Godfather's, Father's-to-be, Angel Baby Father's Foster Father's or guardians, a fantastic Father's Day.

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