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First Kahoot Quiz


As well as doing the 'Quiz that doesn't matter' on a Wednesday, we wanted to do a quiz for the more serious quizzers out there. This will be an opportunity to show off your knowledge and be crowned the winner as well as win CASH prizes!

Due to the limit on Zoom license we can only have 100 people on this first quiz. If it's a success and more people want to join in, going forward we will look to invest in a bigger license that allows more people.

There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as some spot prizes for players chosen at random.


1 - Kahoot App 2- Zoom - (you can go to or download the app from your app store) 2 - Laptop/Ipad/smart TV 3 - Smart phone (one you can download apps onto)

In order to play you will need access to a laptop or ipad to join the group zoom to be able to see the questions (or smart TV for those clever enough to work it out lol).

You will also need a phone to input your answers. Before the event please download the Kahoot! FREE app.

*****In order to reserve your place please pay £2 per player to the paypal link below and in the paypal notes please give the Team Name for the Quiz. If you wish to have more chances of winning teams can play as individuals but you will need to pay £2 per player that wishes to take part. If you are playing as a team on one phone the prize money/prizes will need to be share between you. Also for those who do the Wednesay quiz and have a team zoom, this may be difficult as the questions are timed so the fastest to answer get the most points, hense why you may wish to play solo for this event. ****

We will keep a list of who has paid and how many places there are left, but once it's full its full.

Paypal link is:-

Please test everything you need works before the Event as we will not be able to issue refunds for anyone who misses the quiz as we will have turned away other people that wantd to play.

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