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*** Buckt Bargain! ***

If you are adventurous and like trying new things you will LOVE this post!

Our Landlord Neil has been a member of the Buckt Activities subscription app for about 4 months now, and he absolutely loves it.

The basic idea is you sign up (you can cancel at anytime) and download their app. The following month you will receive 5 tickets for 5 mystery activities.

You have 3 months in which to do the activities, but they have to be booked that month. These activities are really varied and it's a great way of trying new things that you might never thought of doing before.

So far Neil has done the following:- Salsa Class, Archery, Outdoor Axe Throwing, Cinema tickets, Cocktail Masterclass, Yoga Lesson, Meditation Class at the Buddhist Centre, to name just a few. 💃 🎯 🪓 🎥 🍹 🧘

It's a great way to get out and meet people as well as try new things. It is currently available in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham for £15.00 per month, per person. London is also available at £20.00 per person. The activities aren't just discounted, they are FREE with your subscription. 🎟 🎫

It is an absolute steal at those prices, BUT WAIT - that's not the Bargain.

We have managed to negotiate a deal for members of The Virtual Tavern (don't worry if you're not a member, just click the blue link above to join).

For Tavern members, the cost will be £9.99 for TWO PEOPLE for the first month, then the normal price thereafter. For London, it's £15.00 for two people for the first month, then the normal price thereafter. 🎟 🎫

Even if it's not your thing and you just try it for a month and cancel, it's worth giving it a go. For Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, that's £1 per activity, per person which is crazy! It's not much more for London. 🎟 🎫

When Neil joined, he signed up for a two person subscription (at full price). So, he gets 5 activities for two people and just takes a different friend with him each time. The friend just pays him a small amount towards the activity.

When you book your activities, you can even send a link to additional friends, so they can also come with you too, at a discounted rate. 🎟 🎫

Neil has already started bumping into some of the same people at activities, so even if you go on your own, you will soon end up talking to someone.

What a perfect way for Tavern Members to have 'mini meet-ups' that don't always have to be nights out and involve alcohol (although Neil says the cocktail masterclass was a great night!). 😊

All the details of how it works can be found on their website link HERE ******* PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP ON THIS LINK, FOR INFO ONLY *******

In order to get the special offer of the discounted first month, we have our own link that will give you our special price. Either click the logo to the left, or click the link HERE

Buckt will also donate £10.00 per sign up to our non for profit (The Virtual Tavern CIC) to help grow our funds to enable us to continue to arrange more events, as well as supporting charities in the areas we visit.

We hope you enjoy your activities and look forward to seeing some of you at them!

This is just one of the perks of being a member of The Virtual Tavern and we are working on bringing you more offers and discounts by negotiating deals with brands. The bigger our group gets, the more pulling power we have and the more brands will want to work with us.

So, please invite your friends to join so they too can benefit from great deals and also help us become a stronger force to negotiate with brands.

If you are a brand that would like to work with us and offer a discount to our members (currently over 48,000) then get in touch by emailing us at

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