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🎡 Blackpool Here we come 🎢

It's time for the 8th Tavern on Tour Event and this time we are off to Blackpool

We would love you to join us but please read the below info before you rush off and start checking online booking systems for availability.

If lots of people start checking hotels for the same dates, the algorithms think it's a popular time of year and start to put the price up.


So, if you want to look at the hotel details, please check for dates in July or August so it doesn't affect the prices for the trip.

When is it?

17th- 19th May 2024

🚎 🎡 🎢 🍩 🎰

Where is it?

The Admin team have secured rooms at The President Hotel. This is a great hotel and will be a good base for us as they have a bar and entertainment. 

🚎 🎡 🎢 🍩 🎰

What's the plan?

The rough Itinerary is:-


Check into accommodation and then meet up in The President Hotel, relax and have a few drinks.


Day time everyone is free to do any sightseeing/trips they want to do. Kelly can get cheaper tickets for things like The Tower or pleasure Beach for anybody wanting them.

Evening will meet up at the The President Hotel, and then head over to Ma Kelly's where they have different acts and entertainment on all night. Throughout the trip people are welcome to come and go as they please but we wanted to give people a rough idea of where we will be if they are coming on their own and don't want to be left out on a limb.



Pleasure Beach (weather permitting).

Travel Home

​ 🚎 🎡 🎢 🍩 🎰

If you would like to come along please head over to our Tavern Travel page and send your details to Kelly Sunshine and she can deal with everything on your behalf.

We hope to see you all in Blackpool!

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