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The Virtual Tavern has always been about positivity and kindness. we have always wanted to 'stand for something' so we thought what better way to spread the word than to start our very own Tavern Random Acts of Kindness scheme. 

How it Works

We would love to start lots of ripple effects of kindness our into the world so we have created our very own TRAK Cards. These carse encourage the recipient to keep the card and pass it on when they are able to do a random act for someone else. They also include our QR code on the back so that like minded people who may wish to join the tavern and simply scan the code and find out links.

We have added these cards onto our SHOP where you can purchase 10 card for just £1 (this is just to cover printing). Members will then be encouraged to perform random acts of kindness and hand the cards to the recipient of the good dead.

Imagine how much better the world could be if everyone who received a card starting to pass them on and then so did they and the ripple effect spread far and wide.  We know we can't change the world overnight but we would love to do our bit as it's in keeping with The Tavern ethos.

TRAK (Tavern Random Acts of Kindness) Cards x 10

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