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We did it !!!!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From each and every admin member we cannot tell you what it means to us to reach this goal Back in early June we really thought we were going to hit 40K members but as lockdown eased we seen the much needed return to a little normality and with that the Tavern slowed down. With a strong hold at 38k our loyal members never lets down.

You stayed and what a journey it has been.

So as we have moved into a very exciting new bracket we can only but promise more fabulousness. We have lots in the pipeline but we remain strong with one thing, RESPECT.

We are an awesome community, one that many on the internet didn’t think was possible but look what we have done as a collective. Congratulate yourselves for all pitching in to help create this and be proud that you are part of one of the safest SPACES on the internet. Free bar for everyone (don’t tell the brewery, we will write it off as damages). Both Neil and Lorraine would like to give an extra special shout out to the Admin team, you guys have no idea how many hours are put into this, they are so committed, sometimes abused (but they are tough, they bite back now) and they genuinely care about our tavern and the welfare of the members. The next time you have an early morning post approved, remember there is a bleary eyed admin member behind that)

As a thank you we have decided to bring back for one night only a Kahoot quiz

As this group is full of sparkle it only seems right that we do it around Bonfire night. Dates and times to be announced very soon. There will be a limited amount of tickets so if you want first dibs then head over to the website and subscribe. We already have a fab line up of prizes and Neil is brushing up on bad impressions.

Lots of love

The Virtual Tavern Admin team

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