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Taverners Share The Love

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Valentines day is a lovely time of year for those in love, but it can also be a sad time for people who are alone. So we wanted to switch things up a bit and make it all about sharing the love. Why not send a card to someone you think might need a little boost and help make them smile?

We thought it would be great if we could also help out a good cause at the same time so decided to donate any profits to The Samaritans.

That was the initial idea but as always our minds are constantly whirling so we thought we would take it one step further......

We decided that we would sponsor the promotion so that 100% of the money could go to The Samaritans. So your Landlord Neil donated the cards, since thats the industry he's in and your Landlady Lorraine having her own travel business said since she can't send people on holiday she would send the cards and pay the postage. This way the whole of the £2.50 would go to The Samaritans (we will take the hit on any paypal or bank fees).

Our members started sending them to grandchildren they hadn't seen for a long time due to covid, to friends they had made inthe tavern. People even paid for cards and asked us to choose someone to recieve the cards that might need cheering up. As always our members got behind us and supported our little initiative.

The Wednesday and Thursday before Valentines Day we spend the day choosing the right card and writing them out with your chosen messages.

83 cards later and we then had the task of sticking stamps on them all lol. Thanksfully these days you no longer have to lick the stamps as they are in sticker format which saved our tongues, having already had to lick the envelopes :-/

By the end of the week we had raised an amazing £281.50 !

Thank you so much to everyone who got involved. You guys are amazing!

14th Feb Update. The total is now £301.50 as a gentleman wanted to donate £20 and send a couple of last minute cards even though they wouldn't arrive in time he wanted to show he cares.

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