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🌴 **** Tavern on Tour 5 **** 🌴

The charity we will be supporting on the next Tavern on Tour event, is the local charity Gateshead PDSA Pet Hospital. They provide care for animals whose owners are sometimes unable to afford the treatment. Particularly in emergencies.

Pets are incredibly important, particularly to those who live alone. A let’s companionship can be vital to the mental health of some, so helping to keep these little heroes healthy is incredibly important.

TOT 5 is being held at The Teams Club, Gateshead, Saturday, 6th August 2022.

If you haven't already got your tickets you can get them on the events page.

Thank you as always those who support these events. If any businesses would like to be one of our sponsors for the night, please get in touch for details.

The less we have to pay out of monies raised, the more goes to the charity.

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