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Little Things can make a BIG Difference

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Firstly, we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

It's so amazing to see a large group of like-minded people, come together and create a such a positive space, in a world where it's often too easy to be negative or pass nasty comments from behind a keyboard. You guys have restored our faith in human nature, and it just goes to show, that behaviour and attitudes are just as contagious as the virus we are in the midst of.

As new members join you are all so great at putting a virtual arm around them and making them feel welcome. (as well as helping police those who don't always grasp that we are not about negative comments or putting each other down etc).

So it got us thinking? What if our 'little' community could help the wider community just by making some little changes?

As you know we don't allow charity posts, just because of the sheer volume we get, we felt it would be unfair to constantly bombard members with requests for donations. Instead, whenever we do any big events we have always tried to link them to a charity in some way, so that just by joining in you will also be helping without being asked for additional donations.

We thought it would be great if we could do a few little things, that could help make a BIG difference without it having to be an expense to members. One of those little things is to save your used stamps from any letters you get with a stamp on them.

These can be saved and sent off to help raise funds for the charity for the blind the RNIB. They even supply prepaid envelopes to send your stamps to them once you have a full envelope.

This is just a small change to adapt to but I know for me it's now just a habit. Whether it's just your stamps from your Christmas and birthday cards, or you are able to collect them from work/school, imagine what a difference 47,600 people could make with this little act?

If you would like to get involved, please see the poster attached. It shows how to get your pre-paid envelope. Or simply click HERE. Unfortunately, the prepaid envelopes only cover UK postage costs but if you would like to get involved you can find the address to send your stamps to on the RNIB website. Alternatively, If your country has a similar scheme please post their link below so as many people can get involved as possible.

Many thanks as always for your incredible support. xx

We are also collecting drinks ring pulls for another good cause, for more info click this link:-

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