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*** Landlord Post ***

We have had a few complaints lately that the tavern isn't smelling as fresh as it should. I mentioned it to Coreena the Cleaner and I think we have got to the bottom of it. Apparently, she bought some candles off Dodgy Dave in the car park and as it was at night by the light of his iPhone torch, she didn't see what she was buying properly.

She thought we have purchased a few large Yankee Candles. Turned out when I've looked at them in the daylight they are snide rip-offs called MANKY CANDLES. One of the fragrances is "stale ale" which is why the pool room smells like the day after the night before. The other fragrance was "taproom" which is a mix of dirty ashtrays, mothballs, and feet!

We have removed the offending candles and given the place a spritz with #Febreeze and also placed bowls of Pot Pouri around the room. Please don't mistake these for Bombai Mix (unless you want floral fresh breath).

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