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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Okay so might have noticed that it takes a little longer to get served at the mo. This is due to over 5,000 new members being added following our appearance on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

To help us keep things running smoothly can we make a few recommendations:-

Please try to bring your glasses back to the bar as we are starting to run low. If you see a tower of them on the bar already please don't over stack them as we are not trying to build a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa, and it's just an accident waiting to happen.. Plus most of our bar staff are under 5ft in high heels (and the woman aren't much taller).

If you drive a mobility scooter there is now a one-way system in place (signs on the floor). Also please don't overfill your basket as we've had a few unfortunate incidents of people face planting the floor when their scooters have tipped up under the weight.

If you are in a round with 42 people please bring a piece of paper with your order on it, as calling out one drink at a time drives Lorraine mad and a few people have ended up wearing their 15th half a lager when she has to keep going back and forth to the pump....'oh and another half a lager'.

Unless your 8 month old baby is in the round with you, please leave the pram at your table, being constantly rammed in the heels with a baby stroller is enough to drive anyone mad. We've had a few people get Bombai-mixed in the face when they have crashed into someone one too many times (I think Three-Sheets Sheila might even still be on a tag from the last debacle :-/)

Thanks for your cooperation :-)

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