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*** Landlord Post ***

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We've just received intel from our CHIS that Cakeshop Cath is currently on the run. Apparently, she nipped to Asda and thought someone had rumbled her disguise so fled the safehouse.

The last sighting we have was of her trying to cross the channel on a lilo. She was seen stocking up on chocolate eclairs and fruit shoots to pack in her waterproof rucksack for the journey, oh and a copy of Take a Break Magazine. She's not a great swimmer, she only passed her learners swimming badge at school so we don't hold out much hope of her making it to the other side.

She was overheard talking to someone about her plan to flee to Costa Blanca. When she was asked if she knew the area or could speak Spanish she said 'No but she'd watched every episode of Benidorm'.

There is a reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of Cakeshop Cath. If spotting please upload a photo and tag any Caths you know (purely for elimination purposes lol).

Just before she went on the run, an undercover CI managed to get this quote "I'm a master of disguise they will never catch me, I've got all the different colour Virtual Tavern Polo shirts so can blend in with my surroundings (available in lots of sizes)"

If you are on the run or want an outfit to suit any occasion, head over to our shop

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