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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Okay so here is the latest update regarding Cakeshop Cath. She has been put into witness protection following becoming a confidential informant for Oldham Police.

Since her confessions, there have been several developments:-

Sarah Marshall's gin bar has gone into receivership after all the bootleg gin being confiscated by Revenue and Customs.

Dodgy Dave has had to buy a new van after his white van was under constant surveillance from all his comings and goings in the car park.

Makeup Mary has been black-listed from boots and her photo circulated amongst other chemists and department stores.

Benidorm Betty is currently under investigation by Interpol for cigarette smuggling and is trying to work out a plea deal if she Dobs in her co-conspirators.

We are working with our underground network of CHIS to find out her new identity.

For the benefit of the tape, we do not have an underground network.

A known associate of Cakeshop Cath was able to get the following statement before she went into hiding. "The only thing I will miss about having to leave my old life behind is that I won't be able to wear my Tavern Hoodie (available in a variety of colours and sizes on the link below)".

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I recently being assaulted by too drunk and drugged up individuals and had money stolen from me at a cash machine

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