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**** Landlord Post ***

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Attention all inmates. This is governor Greenwood of The Virtual Tavern Correctional facility. Please make room for another Taverner on the top bunk of cell 43b in H wing. This latest perpetrator is currently doing a 7 day stretch for calling someone a small primate with a lot of cheek. For legal reasons I can’t repeat the phrase or I too will be sentence to 7 days hard labour and quite frankly without me to intimidate everyone and keep them in check the place would go to the dogs with bad behaviour and dirty Protests (and that’s just the admin team).

Could inmates please be aware that the FB CID are patrolling the tavern streets looking for anything that could be construed as bullying or a breach of FB rules (even if it doesn’t).

They are currently employing Robocops to help keep the street clean and sadly they do not have a built in sense of humour chip, nor do they understand context.

You have been warned! Stay safe people, it’s a jungle out there.

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