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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Those of you that ordered a sandwich from Cakeshop Cath this lunchtime, will probably have realized by now that they aren't coming. Cath has been in touch with us from Oldham Police cells. She is currently being held on charges of dangerous driving whilst under the influence.

Apparently she was pulled over on the motorway on her mobility scooter doing 15 miles an hour in the fast lane whilst towing her caravan. When they pulled her over they thought she looked a bit tipsy so asked if she had to perform a roadside breath test. She tried explaining she'd felt a bit under the weather so had quite a lot of cough syrup so might be over the limit. I don't think believed her and it probably didn't help that she had an open can of Special brew in the front basket of her scooter.

We are going to try and post bail for her as the £12.50 she collected for the butty run probably isn't going to be enough. Lorraine is planning on doing a tombola to raise funds but I'm not sure thats gonna be enough.

If all else fails we might have to start a 'FREE CAKESHOP CATH' Campaign.

Our news correspondent reporting live from the scene manage to get this statement from Cath "I don't even know what I was thinking, I forgot all about the sandwich run and just wanted to get my caravan over to Prestatyn before the roads got busy, now lockdown is easing. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by police cars performing what I now know to be a TPAC manouver. They kept me at the side of the road in the cold for half an hour asking all kinds of questions. All I could thik was 'If only I was wearing my Virtual Tavern Embroidered hoodie to keep me warm, available in all sizes and a choice of colours".

Hopefully this has taught Cath a lesson and she wont drink and Tow again.


Don't be like Cath, make sure you're wearing a toastie warm Tavern Hoodie when you go out Available on the link below, terms and conidtions apply., your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments.

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