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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

As some of you will know we have done #TikTokTuesday for some time now. In light of the recent government announcements, we thought it was time for a change. So we are introducing #CheckinTuesday

Everyone is coping with the pandemic in their own way, some are struggling some are just adapting. Often the ones who are quiet are the ones feeling it the most. Months can pass where we have not spoken to someone and then as time goes by it feels like it's been too long to suddenly get in touch.

Just something as simple as a text message saying "I know we haven't spoken in a while but just wanted to 'check-in' with you' can open up dialogue. You may have friends from who you have drifted apart for no real reason. They may be struggling and that text could make the world of difference.

True friends can go years without speaking but then when they do it's like they spoke yesterday.

Who haven't you spoken to in a while?

We are encouraging Taverners to 'Check-in' with friends as part of 'Check-in Tuesday' (you can do this more often obviously but if you can commit to doing it at least once a week then that's a step in the right direction).

Drop them a text, give them a call or even just comment on one of their Facebook posts?

Would love to hear your 'check-in' success stories so please share them to encourage others to get involved.

As always thanks for being a great bunch and if just one text message can make a difference then it's all been worth it?

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