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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

August 2021 saw The Virtual Tavern run 2 prize draws, courtesy of 2 recent and fantastic colaborations with Yum Yums Caribbean & English Grill and Stonk.

We teamed up with the guys at STONK to bring our members a way to replace and maintain lost vitamins and minerals caused by drinking alcohol. To celebrate this new collaboration, 4 lucky members got their hands on a box for FREE. The winners were; Susan Green, Sarah Thompson, Lainey Williams-Jones and Stuart Harrell. Congratulations to you all.

Yum Yums owner, Amoy Lindo, who is a member of The Virtual Tavern, originally got in touch as she wanted to give something back to The Tavern. Along with selling their delicious food at our first Tavern on Tour event in Oldham, they also gave away 2 meals for 4. The lucky winners were; Jen Bolger and Susan Cryne. Congratulations to you both.

For future events and draws, check out the events page on our website.

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