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Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Despite having worked together for over 12 month's, the Tavern Admin Team had NEVER all met together in one place. We've had many Zoom Calls, small groups have met, but the 10 of us had NEVER been in the same room.

That all changed on Saturday 29th May 2021, as we got together for our first Tavern Team Party, a Pirate themed Fancy Dress Party!

There was copious amounts of rum, singing and general silliness. We all had a fantastic time!! It was great to let our hair down and we made sure that the 2 members of the Team who were absent, were still with us in spirit on the night.

If this party is anything to go by, the Tavern on Tour is going to be awesome!

Keep calm and Pirate on!

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