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Through the eyes of a Tavern Member

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

We asked for members of The Virtual Tavern if they would like to document their experience of Lockdown and how it affected them for posterity.

This is a blog entry from Leanne Clough (Leanne Gemma on facebook). If you would like to submit a blog for the website please get in touch.

I have been trying to send a blog of my thoughts surrounding lockdown the Tavern etc, but I couldn't work it out via the website (lol) so trying to send it here. 

When I think of my experiences and feelings from over the last few months I find myself briefly lost for words. Then I stop for a second. I stop and  I take a breath, just as I would if I was riding the tallest highest rollercoaster. This is because I have experienced so many highs and lows that sometimes my head has spun. I have experienced loneliness and out of this reached out and met people I would not have met (both from the Tavern and other places). I have experienced loss of purpose during the non-working days and from this tackled projects I would have previously left just that little bit longer. I have missed people and from this gained a greater appreciation for those important to me. I have been sick with worry when one of my own briefly became Ill.  But then realised the love and support around me as he quickly recovered. I have felt out of my depth home-schooling and from this got to spend some amazing days with three of the important people in my life. I have lost love. Been heartbroken . Pulled myself out of despair.  Then found my soul mate.  Throughout all of this the Tavern (and the people in it) have been there. To make me laugh. To pick me up when I was down.  As company in lonely times. As a cheerleader for my successes.  It has been nesscessary to me. Out of every situation there are many positives. I have certainly found mine and I am living a different but a very full life.

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