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***** Landlord Post ******

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

The Virtual Tavern HMP.

Okay, so as you will be aware Facebook is clamping down on their keywords and phrases etc and you can end up in FB Jail without even committing a serious crime.

We like to look after our members and would not want someone to be left out in the cold due to no fault of their own. So as messenger is the only access you have whilst in FB Jail, we have created The Virtual Tavern HMP Messenger group.

There has only been one or two inmates up to now, but we anticipate more as the FB rules get stricter.

There are several wardens to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Visiting hours are yet to be defined, but if you would like a Visiting Order please just submit a post with the title 'HMP VO' and we will grant you access.

We also reserve the right to send someone to the cells for the night if we feel you might need a little 'time out' LOL. 😂

No visitors permitted after lights out (it's not a holiday camp) 😂

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