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Blackpool Here We Come!

It's time for the 8th Tavern on Tour Event and this time we are off to Blackpool :-)

We would love you to join us but Please, please please read the below info before you rush off and start checking online booking systems for availability. If lots of people start checking hotels for the same dates the algorithms will think it's a popular time of year and start to put the price up, which means everyone will end up paying more.

If you want to look at hotel details please check for dates in July or August so it doesn't affect the prices for the trip. This will let you see what facilities the property has and if it's suitable for what you want.

Kelly (who is managing Tavern Travel) has booked the rooms for the admin team and can usually get a better price than the popular travel booking sites. So please give her a chance to book it for you. If she can't beat it she will let you know and then feel free to book it yourself. HOWEVER, so that we can track how many people have shown interest, have booked and who are coming, please still complete the enquiry form so we can see what the interest has been. If Kelly can't find you the same deal or better and advises you to book it direct she will just update the spreadsheet so we at least know you are coming.

When is it?

17th- 19th May 2024

Where is it?

Blackpool (obviously). You are free to stay wherever you like as everyone will have different requirements and budgets etc.  We have booked the rooms for the admin team at The President Hotel so that we have somewhere with a bar area and can use this as a central hub for meeting up etc. If you wish to stay at the same place that would be great. Equally, if you want to stay somewhere else but nearby Kelly (Tavern Travel) can find you somewhere close by. 


So first things first, if you are interested in coming please register your interest by clicking the button below.


Once you register your interest, Kelly will find you the perfect place to stay.  She has over 150 hotels and guest houses to choose from to suit all budgets.

Based on the info you put on your form, Kelly will find you the best deal she can that meets your requirements. 

If you already know where you would like to stay or always stay at a specific place, put this on the form.  Kelly has access to almost all accommodation in Blackpool, including B&Bs and accessible hotels.

Putting all the enquiries through Kelly means that only one person is checking the dates for the trip and doesn't make the olgorithms bump the price up.


Book your place.

If you register your interest and then plan to come, hopefully Kelly will find you the perfect place to stay and then book it for you. 

What Next?

The rough Itinerary is:-



Check into accommodation and then meet up at The President Hotel bar. 

Relax and have a few drinks as people may have been traveling for a long time. 

We can discuss if there is anything specific people would like to do. Kelly will hopefully be with us on Friday so can look to book tickets for any trips if people want them, as she deals with all the major suppliers and can usually get a discount. 

We will always let you know where the admin team will be so that nobody will feel left out on a limb if they have come on their own. Everyone is more than welcome to tag along wherever we are going etc

Day time -  everyone is free to do any sightseeing/trips they want to do, but we will try to arrange something for the group for those interested.
Evening will meet up at our hub hotel (The President) so that people don't have to start going into bars on their own (especially if we decide to do fancy dress lol). 

We will then head over to Ma Kelly's where they have different acts and entertainment on all night. 

Throughout the trip people are welcome to come and go as they please but we wanted to give people a rough idea of where we will be in case you are coming on their own and don't want to be left out on a limb.

Pleasure Beach (weather permitting).
Travel Home

If you would like to come along please click the button below to send your details to Kelly from Tavern Travel and she can deal with everything on your behalf.

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